Dressed like a medieval knight in armor, Joan Dark roams the plains of the modern-day Midwest, fighting evil and avenging wrongdoing. She is accompanied by her accidental companion, Fahreed Al-Hassan, a journalist from the Middle East who finds himself trapped in the role of her biographer and who, in spite of his better judgment, becomes her admirer and friend. What is the terrible secret behind her identity? And what will happen when she comes face to face with her arch-nemesis, the dreaded Lord Nevermore?



FAHREED AL-HASSAN - early 30's, Syrian-born journalist suffering from a bad case of PTSD. Nervous, talkative, tends to get in and out of trouble by running his mouth. Promising career suffering because of mental trauma resulting from difficult assignment in Iraq during the war. Cynical, reasoning.

JOAN DARK - Tall woman with commanding presence, believes herself to be a knight. Unafraid of conflict, sure of herself, driven by her mission to destroy evil.